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July 3, 2019 | Press Release

Rep. Chip Roy released the following statement Wednesday regarding the official launch of the Tx-21 Veterans Advisory Council:

I’m proud to announce the official launch of the Tx-21 Veterans Advisory Council. The men and women who make up this group are patriots with the track record of service and sacrifice to prove it. They have dedicated their lives to serving the United States and are continuing that service representing all veterans in Tx-21 on this council.

The council will meet multiple times a year. These meetings will allow me the opportunity to provide veterans in Tx-21 updates on issues being discussed in Congress. Furthermore, members of the council will help keep me informed about issues and important current events relating to military and veterans in the district and around the world.

Other than productive discussions, the goal of this group is to act as community liaisons to help spread the word about various veteran initiatives that I and my fellow members of Congress are working on to the great and patriotic folks of Tx-21.

Members of the Tx-21 Veterans Advisory Council:

Maj Grant Moody, U.S. Marine Corps

CPT (Ret) Malinda Pennell, U.S. Army

LCpl Bob Waller, U.S. Marine Corps

Shane Stolarczyk, U.S. Air Force

Megan Regan, U.S. Air Force

MAJ (Ret) Tex Hall, U.S. Army

Laura Koerner, LT, U.S. Navy

LCDR (Ret) Mike Koerner, U.S. Navy

SGT (Ret) Jim Clements, U.S. Army

Col. (Ret) Anthony White, U.S. Marine Corps  

Col. (Ret) Tim Strawther, U.S. Air Force 


View the press release on Rep. Chip Roy’s website