Shane Stolarczyk

Individual Freedom. Limited Government.
Respect for the Rule of Law. Fiscally Conservative.

Learn about Shane’s positions on issues affecting Kendall County today.

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Standing Up For Your Individual Liberties

As a conservative County Judge, I will be one of the last lines of defense to protect freedom at the local level and will not bend to the whims of the liberal left.  It is my duty to oppose draconian lockdowns, school closures, and other unscientific restrictions, including vaccine and mask mandates, when creating policy. We must work together to preserve individual liberty in our County and refrain from adopting policies that inject the heavy hand of government into every aspect of citizen’s lives.

Kendall County is growing by leaps and bounds each year. As we grow, more and more business/residential developers and their legal teams will be coming before the Commissioners Court to advance their development projects. My 20 years of legal experience, 10 years of small business experience, along with my extensive research, analytical, and negotiating skills, which have been sharpened by working on hundreds of complex cases, provide me the tools to fight for what’s best for our community and get the best deal possible for our citizens. I will hold anyone working with the County to the highest standards and ensure they follow the strict letter of the law.

When necessary, I fight in the courtroom as my profession. I also fight for our Country as a military Officer. And, as a hobby, I fight as an amateur MMA/Muay Thai Kickboxer. I know I can fight to protect Kendall County & our individual liberties as County Judge.

Prioritizing the Public Safety of Our Citizens

Thanks to our hardworking local law enforcement officers and a commitment to prosecuting criminals, Kendall County is one of the safest counties in Texas. As County Judge, I will prioritize the safety and security of our citizens to ensure Kendall County remains one of the safest places to live, work, and visit.

Our quality of life here is founded upon public safety. It is imperative that our Commissioner’s Court ensures that our LEOs are properly funded so that they can provide fast response times and quality service to our residents. More importantly, we must do what is necessary to adequately equip and train them to keep them safe while they are patrolling our streets. Supporting those who protect us is a critical step to keeping our County the safe “bubble” that it is.

Crimes in general, including violent crimes like homicides and aggravated assaults, in neighboring  Travis and Bexar Counties have significantly increased over the last few years. Some reports indicate that homicides rose 34%, which is the fourth highest increase in America, while aggravated assaults are up nearly 27% in Bexar County alone. We cannot let Bexar County’s crime spillover into ours by being complacent and not prioritizing public safety. The Commissioner’s Court should be proactively collaborating with our LEO’s and District Attorney to work together to stop crime and ensure personal accountability remains a top priority in our County.

As an experienced lawyer and former military prosecutor, I will work, in partnership with the District Court and Justices of the Peace, to preside over criminal cases to help reduce our dockets in our County’s criminal justice system. This will save taxpayer dollars from day one. As the only attorney on the Commissioner’s Court, I have the skill set to directly participate in the criminal justice process and decide misdemeanor criminal cases. My experience as a military prosecutor and civilian defense counsel will ensure a respect for the rule of law, as well as swift, consistent, and proportionate jail sentences and help each criminal violator learn that if you insist on doing the crime in our County, you will do the time and suffer the consequences for your actions.

Fiscal Responsibility Is Critical to Our Prosperity

The Commissioners Court is the governing body of the County, which consists of five elected representatives. The County Judge is the chairman and four Commissioners.  The Commissioners Court is responsible for all budgetary decisions of the County.

Fiscal conservatism is essential to our success as a County. This means we should strive to keep government small and limited and that we carefully consider any form of debt, which results in burdening future generations without their consent. We, as a County, cannot be great and prosper if we fail to be good stewards of taxpayer dollars. Being fiscally responsible and minimizing wasteful spending must be a priority.

There are dozens of small business owners in this County, with many of our citizens being self-employed. My wife and I appreciate the financial investment and risk these business owners have made to get their businesses up and running, as we went through that exact process ourselves multiple times. I appreciate the impact our local, state, and federal taxes have on everyone’s bottom line within the County. Like every taxpayer, I believe our government should “live within its means” and be mindful of making decisions that could lead to any increase in what our County residents pay in taxes.

I am not a career politician and intend to do what is best financially for our community based on my small business experience and my conservative values. Often times, politicians make financial decisions for our citizens without knowing “how much it’s really going to cost.” Instead, we should focus more on long-term economic stewardship and explore sources of funding, such as state and federal grants, which are  separate and apart from property taxes, in order to solve the short and long-term fiscal challenges our County faces. We also need to prioritize being adaptable so that we can get things done in lean environments, like the challenging economic times we are facing today, without passing on the cost to landowners.