Shane Stolarczyk

Individual Freedom. Limited Government.
Respect for the Rule of Law. Fiscally Conservative.

Learn about Shane’s perspective on issues affecting Kendall County today.

What is your occupation?

I have been a research lawyer for the last 20 years, where I have honed my skills researching solutions to difficult problems. I am also a Judge Advocate General in the USAF (Reserves), where I am relied on by our country’s top military advisors to come up with solutions to problems, both legal & practical. Additionally, my wife & I have built multiple small businesses from scratch. Our research law firm has practiced law in Kendall County, across the State of Texas, as well as across the country. Our other small businesses are located in my wife’s hometown of La Vernia (Wilson County).

How long have you lived in Kendall County?

Over a decade.

What is your motivation for running to be the next County Judge?

This is an important time for Kendall County. With explosive growth, transportation issues, & continued federal/state overreach into local control, everyone wants to be a part of our County. And, I don’t blame them. The choices we make today as a County will impact us, our kids, & our grandkids. I don’t only live here, but intend to retire here & have my future grandchildren raised here. As I stepped up to serve our country in a pivotal time, now I want to step up & serve our County during this critical juncture. I believe my unique skill set is the perfect fit to address the challenges Kendall County faces.

How is water an important issue today?

As we have learned, water is the new oil. It is a valuable & desired asset that our County should preserve. Balancing property owners’ rights, with the ease of access afforded developers by the legislators in Austin, will take someone with my legal background to devote time researching regulatory authority to ensure that our County does everything possible to explore potential options, both in preserving this precious resource & using its conservation as a method to ensure responsible, not irresponsible, growth. My 20-year legal career leaves me with strong research & analytical skills to uncover all avenues available to conserve resources. Also, my relationships with other local leaders bordering our County who participate in legislative actions, will ensure our County secures & maintains a seat at the table so that when we want to be heard, we will be heard. The current Court has approved funding for Cow Creek to complete a more detailed study of water reserves, which will give the County further valuable information that can be used as a tool to possibly gain more control over development & density.

How can Kendall County address traffic issues?

There are many options on the table to tackle our traffic & mobility challenges. The countless hours put in by our community members serving on the KCBFO Transportation Committee are not yet complete. That hard-earned work product will help guide my position on traffic solutions. When there is no unanimous answer to a community dilemma, an essential part of the solution is the voice of the people. Our residents understand the balance of traffic woes with property rights. It would be a mistake to not seek out the voice of the people on such an important issue as traffic. Moreover, the only successful solution for a contentious issue, such as traffic, is one that earns the community “buy in.” We are all in this together, so we all need to listen to each other, even if we disagree as to the solution.

How can Kendall County address growth?

Most of us can easily understand why all arrows point to Kendall County. It does not get much better than this for a place to live, work, raise a family, or retire. There is a distinct difference, however, from a city & a county. The freedoms fought for by our forefathers include the freedom to choose where to live, whether that be within city limits or to maintain a more rural way of life. There is no wrong answer, as this choice is what fits best for each family. My vision for the County is to maintain that distinction so that all living & moving to Kendall County continue to have the choice to live within a city or outside of a city. Urbanizing the entire county only takes away the freedom of choice we all should be able to enjoy.

What is your position on the “Gateway Loop”?

The “Gateway Loop” was voted down 4 to 1 by the Commissioners Court & a resolution was passed to end the issue. In light of this fact, we need to focus our attention on the recommendations of the KCBFO Transportation Committee to address our current issues. Without affected landowners participating, the proposed “Gateway Loop” will result in the forced taking of land from many property owners, & every effort should be made to avoid this result.

What are your qualifications to be Kendall County’s next County Judge?

Besides my civilian background, I believe my military discipline & leadership experience has prepared me for this position. Military officers hold high levels of responsibility & authority even at lower levels within the military organizations & are ready to serve full-time. Our leadership skills & discipline are formed through a progressive & carefully planned sequence of training, educational, & real-world events — far more time-consuming than similar training in the private sector or local government. Finally, & perhaps most importantly, my military service ensures our future leadership is based on a concept of duty, service, & self-sacrifice.

How do you compare to your opponents?

Both my professional & military careers have taught me the importance of discipline, integrity, & gathering all of the facts before making critical decisions. The issues facing our county did not happen overnight. They most certainly will not be solved overnight either. The public deserves a candidate it can trust to diligently explore all options/solutions available & that will follow the letter of the law in protecting our County. With my legal qualifications, I will also be able to assist with the formation of the next County Court at Law to ensure its efficiency & can relieve some of the pressure on our court system by continuing the duty of handling probate cases and other criminal matters as needed.